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  • temporary construction fence
  • temporary construction fence
  • temporary construction fence
  • temporary construction fence
temporary construction fence temporary construction fence temporary construction fence temporary construction fence

temporary construction fence

  • Product No.:temporary construction fence
  • Price:43.86$
  • Orginal:China
  • Main Market:American And Canda
  • Color:All colours
  • Finish:UV treated
  • Standard:ASTM
  • HS Code:73144100
  • 40HC loading QTY:480kit
  • 20GP loading QTY:220 kit
  • Production Time& MOQ:1x20gp container 220 kits
  • Shipping Way:oceans
  • Online Inquiry
BM Fence offers all sizes of the high-quality temporary construction fence and sales services throughout Canada. Because since 2009, as a direct factory role in China, we have offered less competitive wholesale offers to contractors and retailers imported from China. We have exported temporary 4x8, 6x8, 6x9.5, and 6x10 building fence boards for sale in Alberta, British Columbia, Massachusetts, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec, Saskatchewan and Toronto, Canada and the United States.
This galvanized and powder coated welding line temporary construction fence is also named temporary mesh fence panel, construction fence panel, portable fence, residential temporary fence, mesh fence, pool fence, safety pool fence, movable pool fence, commercial temporary fence, temporary dog fence outdoor, temporary pool fence, temporary construction fence sales cost, cheap temporary fence and temporary metal fence panels including stable feet and headpins.

Function and Application

temporary construction fence prevents outside hazards (rugged ground, theft, exposed wires and falling debris), keep your home or site safe and preserves your treasure, which is popular at construction and demolition locations, tourist fairs and carnival private activities, competitions, commercial uses, sports fields, industrial, commercial or residential sites and oil fields.

Frame Tubes and Colours 

  • Durable temporary barbed wire is generally fully welded with pre-galvanized frame square tube 30x30x2.0mm, 20x20x1.2mm or 25x25x1.2mm, 3.5mm or 4.0mm, followed by powder coated colours such as yellow, green, orange, grey, blue, etc.
  • The conical end top pin or connector is made of carbon steel square and round tubes, 360 degrees fully welded together, galvanized and powder coated in colour, connecting the top of the two panels.
  • The feet of the temporary metal fence is made of galvanized steel and smaller square tubes or solid steel welded to support the bottom of the two panels. Two pre-holes were drilled on the base, making the panels more stable and durable with explosion-proof screws.
    canada standard temporary fencing

Specification of temporary construction fence 

Canada Standard Construction Fence Panels
Diameter -option2 11.5ga/ 2.50mm 11ga/3.00mm 9.5ga/3.50mm 10ga /3.3mm
Diameter -option2 9ga/3.60mm 8.5ga/3.80mm 8ga/4.00mm
Mesh spacing 2"x4"/50mmx100mm ,4"x12"/100mmx300mm 3"x6" 75mm x 100mm
Height 4’/1220mm 6’/1830mm 8’/2430mm
Width 8’/2430mm 8.5”/2600mm 9’/2740mm 9.5’/2900mm 10’/3048mm
Outer Frame 3/4"/ 20mm 1"/25mm 1.2"/30mm 1.6"/40mm 2"/50mm RHS thickness 1.2mm -2.00mm
Middle frame 3/4"/ 20mm 1"/25mm 1.2"/30mm 1.6"/40mm 2"/50mm RHS thickness 1.2mm -2.00mm
Accessories temporary construction fence  1 pieces top coupler plus steel plate base
Steel Base Option 1 Length 863mm* Width89mm*8.00mm 26"x3.5"X0.3"
Steel Base Option 2 Length 760mm*Width100mm*7.00mm 30"x4"x0.276"
Steel Base Option 3 Length 600mm*Width100mm*7.00mm 23.6"x4"x0.276"
Finish 1 Fully hot dipped galvanized
Finish 2 Fully hot dipped galvanized then INTERPOL powder coated
Finish 3 Prepare galvanized
Finish 4 Prepare galvanized then INTERPOL powder coated


Our temporary construction fence with following advantages

 flexibility and versatile temporary construction fence
 It is designed for durability
 High galvanized and powder coating colour free from rust and corrosion protection
 lightweight panels, easy to set, move and remove
rugged, durable, high-quality temporary fencing system and accessories
24 / 7 Services
 are very cost-effective options
It  is very easy to pile up
 limits dogs from running or preventing dangerous animals away from your garden
It  promotes security development
reduces the risk of theft
 improves traffic management in road works.

temporary fencing application

Special activities
 construction site
 Outdoor Conference
 Large Trade Fair
 Emergency Recovery Area
 aims to improve the safety of the industrial property
 Residential site
 Park, The Playground
 Sports facilities
 Parking lot
 courtyard and garden space
 special events, concerts, and parties
 restricted workspace
 Special activities
Breakfast for the
Commercial Construction Site
 Residential Construction Site
Road Repair Repair
temporary construction fence for fire-damaged buildings

canada standard temp fence

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