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The temporary fence can be divided into chain-link construction mesh fencing panels and welded mesh temp fence panels in the internal infiled mesh. However, their external outer frames, whether chain link mesh or welded mesh fence panels are welded. If the fence panels are divided from surface anti-corrosion treatment, they can be divided into pre-gal fence panels, hot-dip galvanized construction fence panels and powder coated ones; if you don't know what kind of construction fence panels have a good sale in local, we also answer the following. Most fence contractors and fence hire or rental companies in North America usually purchase temporary chain link fence and square tube welded mesh temporary panels from China. It is worth mentioning that square tube welded mesh fencing panels have the highest market voice in Canada based on market experience. If you are from Australia, most of the temp fence are round pipe welding. There are three main surface anti-corrosion treatments for all fence panels.
powder coated temporary fencing

 Anti-corrosion treatment of Temporary Fencing


The surface anti-corrosion treatment of the temporary fencing panels directly determines its service life. The service life of pre-galvanized fence panels is the shortest, about 2-3 years, and it begins to oxidize and rust. The galvanized and powder-coated service life is about 3-5 years. At the same time, the service life of a hot-dip galvanized temp fence can reach 20 years or even longer, these temporary fencing even in the high salt environment at the seaside. Therefore, the price increases from low to high.

At this moment, we recommend some of the specifications and technical information of temp fencing panels for local customer reference to help you to save your precious time, understand what construction panels suit your local market, bring your profit.

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